Welcome to MotoWeatherman.com, THE source for weather information for your ride or race!  If you like to ride or race motocross, supercross, hare scrambles or enduros in the Southeast, this is the place for you.  I have coverage for tracks in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Just click on any of the links to view the pin-point forecast for that location.

The letters in () represent the track ID for the MotoRadar.  Be sure to check it out.  It's the only radar on the web that has the actual location of the track plotted on the radar screen.

That's me, Jason Hutcheson, in the Pics above (#21) back in the stone age of 1992 at Loretta Lynn's in the 125C-Mod Class.  Somehow I got the holeshot  in moto #3 in the mod class on my bone stock RM125.

Hope you enjoy the site and find the information useful!  See you on the boards!